Airbnb Clone Shares Heavy Equipment

A company introduces a service connecting the property owners with people rent out these properties for short term. For this a company just needs to create a site to act as an online matchmaker and make other arrangements.
This match making is for connecting the property owners with those who like to rent out their properties. It is a huge development, but it will not cause that much impact on the established industry.
This company activity looks similar like Airbnb and the name of the new company is FarmLink. It is a Kansas based company company of technology and data science that focus on agriculture like Tractors and Sprayers. The sharing service launched by the company is for heavy equipments and the service is called Machinery Linked sharing.
Users, who require the equipment can browse in the company page for the equipments, book them and return them to its original owner. Those equipments include Tractors, Sprayers and Harvest Equipment.
The company doesn’t think about its comparison with Airbnb, but the company like to cite the service while explaining its service to the reporters.
It is just like Airbnb in providing agricultural equipments. The costs of newer equipment rise while the prices of older equipments being less. Some of the participants include agriculture retailers and farmer cooperative, who is allowed to set their own prices.
This service offers heavy equipments to the renters which is useful for MachineryLink’s success. Machinery link provides good customer service and maintanence support.

Lawmakers Worry About Owners Who takes Advantage Of Airbnb

Mojority of people who rent their homes on the home rental service Airbnb lists only a single property, whereas 15 percent of them list multiple properties according to Globe review.
It is concerned about the fact that the site is used to do significant lodging business while avoiding taxes and regulation.
Another concern is that landlords who get more profit through the startup turn traditional housing to small scale units, reducing the supply of houses.
The state representative explains that the industry is totally an unregulated industry and more number of people is taking advantage of the industry. The company is not opposed to regulation and taxation.
The service of Airbnb is simple that enable people to rent a room wherever they require which have all the facilities as in home.
Taxes are already paid by some of the tourists of Airbnb in a few countries including Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington.
More than 1062 users have posted 1496 Boston listings on the website. The Globe review shows that 85 percent of the people have listed only single property, while the remaining 15 percent listed multiple properties.
The hotel industries also have concerns about the website. It says that it is fair for the spaces rented out by Airbnb are regulated and taxed.
A survey of its users revealed that 82 percent of the listed properties were primary residents, 8 percent were investment residents, 6 were secondary and remaining 4 were in law unit attached to primary.

D.C Workers in Airbnb Proposed Some of the Strictest Airbnb Regulation in the Country

It will be more difficult in future to rent out the homes on Airbnb, if a couple of bills are passed by the D.C Council.
The district doesn’t show much interest in fighting with the housing regulations in the home sharing industry, since Airbnb agreed to remit all the tourist taxes that are imposed on short term rentals. But, fights continued in the country, as lawmakers, community groups and hospitality interests is trying to prevent property owners from using the service in order to configure the functionally hotels without regulation.
One bill passed by the union of hotel workers may ban the whole units even if the owner is not present. It disables hosts from renting out more than one unit at a time.
It creates an unusual department of enforcement within the District’s department of Regulatory Affairs and consumers to prevent to regulate inspections and authorize third parties like housing managing advocates and neighborhood groups to take legal action against violations.
Airbnb causes a threat against Airbnb profitability for Unite-Here Local 25. Another main aim of the bill is to prevent people from sparing the apartment that are otherwise inhabited by long term tenants.
A unit found that above 40 percent of the listings in Airbnb belongs to hosts who have listed more than one unit on the home rental site and the some active users advertise 79 of them.
According to the census there were thousands of housing units in the district in the year 2014 so Airbnb will not be having any effect in pricing.

Airbnb And Tesla Team Up To Provide Easier Road Trips For Model S Owners

Tesla spent millions of dollars in its new innovation of superchargers providing nearly 500 stations for charging. The idea behind this innovation is to provide stress free and long travel feasible for all the owners of electric Model S. Finally, the super company team up with home rental company Airbnb providing stations for charging to select a host’s home. This is a brilliant idea of Airbnb that makes road trips easier for Model S owners. The partnership focus on Airbnb homes of California and expands further. These home charging stations were installed in only 12 houses, but both of the companies focus to expand the number through targeted campaigns.
One of the Airbnb hosts who list an entire home got more than five bookings and gets an average rating of 4+, considered to be eligible for getting a free Tesla supercharger, which costs 750 dollars, but the installation charge must be paid by the host which ranges from 200 to 900 dollars depending on the home layout. Tesla will choose the properties from a list of applicants who meets the same criteria. Tesla’s owners are expected to pay nearly 10 dollars for a night’s charge. This partnership brings out the advantage of using electric cars and lakhs of Plug-in vehicles were sold in the United States in the year 2014. Tesla had already installed its high power wall connector at various resorts, restaurants, hotels and other destinations.

Airbnb to Use Net Promoter Score to Predict Guest Rebooking

Net promoter Score is a report to know about the likelihood that a customer returns to a company website or use the service again. NPS is calculated based on the response of the consumer for a question known as ‘likely to recommend’. It is based on the feedback given on a scale of value zero to ten. Consumers can be divided based on the response they gave. Some consumers who respond with the value nine or ten are called ‘consumers’. This kind of consumer’s share their status with their friend’s for the promotion of the company. Consumers those who respond from zero to six are called ‘detractors’ and they are likely to respond bad about the company products and its services. The company cannot expect anything from these kinds of consumers.
Consumers who respond with the score 7 or 8 are called ‘passives’. Though they like the company services and products they are not ready to promote it among their friends. The range of NPS value ranges from -100(if all response is from detractors) to +100(if all responses are from promoters). This team also uses other review categories like checkin, Accuracy, cleanliness, Location, Value and Communication to anticipate rebookings of customer. Some predictions of customer rebookings include using a guest’s LTR at the end of the trip, Airbnb can predict if the guests can book in the next 12 months for 56 percent of time.The accuracy can be improved to 63.5 by providing information about the guests,host and trip.

Airbnb targets the corporate world with its new global product suit

We know what Airbnb does and how its users are being benefited in day to day life. Airbnb is the largest hotel distribution and home renting network in the world & it is a threat to traditional hotels across the globe. Many travelers prefer Airbnb to other services and most of them are business travelers. The traditional hotels have always been popular among the business travelers from the corporate world. But, the cheeky San Francisco based company now targets the corporate world with its new features favoring the biz travelers.

There are several business travelers across the globe and Airbnb has promised to offer luxurious and home-like services to them. The company has provided basic necessities like ironing machines, free Wi-Fi and hair dryers for the business travelers. It has also got a red carpet welcome from the biz travelers and they started overlooking the private hotel services.

Also, Airbnb offers options for cheaper rates and no tax is collected from the customers. Business travelers who are planning to have a sweet escape from the work pressure can choose Airbnb. The critics say the company is looking to expand its service wider by targeting the audience from the corporate world. Lately, travelers do not really care about the controversies that revolve around the San Francisco based company because of its efficient service. Airbnb has declared an official war against the private hotels by launching a global product suit for the business travelers and managers. We can soon expect a fiery competition between Airbnb and other hotel services!

Airbnb to Collect, pay Taxes for Hosts

Airbnb, an online tool to help travelers find a right place for accommodation starts collecting taxes for the benefit of host in Washington City from all its users.

Airbnb launched this scheme on October 15, where the company got permission from government to collect tax from guests and settle it to the hosts. This tax includes sales tax, state tax and lodging tax.

This feature really benefits the person who rent their residence out to earn some amount of money apart from their rent where they are not allowed to collect occupancy taxes for jurisdictions. The company listed homes and apartments of people who are ready to rent their home for the guests from various cities zoplay script.

Users are allowed to list everything from a single room in their apartment to a whole building. The company has millions of users since its launch in the year 2008.

This tax idea may cause headache to some guests, but the company did not announce any change in the tax procedure still. Some accommodation in Airbnb is subjected to lodging tax and some amount of tax.

Some places like San Francisco and Portland have introduced some new regulations to closely monitor the home rental industry.

Airbnb is very much happy to step forward to assure that appropriate taxes are being collected.

Finally Washington joins with San Francisco, Chicago and Oregon among a dozen of jurisdictions where the home sharing company collects and remits taxes to the hosts.

How to Set Your Home for Rent on Airbnb

Airbnb, the rapidly growing site for rentals has more than 40,000 listings in Australia, which got doubled in the past year. If you like to spare your space, then here are some tips you need to follow:

Set the best price:

Airbnb serves as a good place to earn some extra income, so set a price which suits your property. Provide guests with the best deal as it is easier to manage few people coming in and exit out.

Figure out quest’s questions:

Describe everything in the listing such as amenities you provide, your style of decorating, happenings in the neighborhood, nearby spots for shopping, entertainment, dining and many more. Providing the guests with maps and brochures will help them to make their travel easier and safer.

Provide guidelines for guest:

Always first impression is the best, so impress the guests with a few guidelines which includes password of the wifi, how to switch on the television, how to use particulars and so on.

Clear you’re Particulars:

Every guest expects their room to be neat, so clear your old clothes from your closet remove unwanted hairs caught in your comb or bathroom and place your valuable stuffs in a locker to avoid unwanted incidents to happen.

Provide the necessities:

Provide your guests with items required like shampoo, tissue paper, soap, detergent and a towel. Complimenting them with fresh flower, playing cards and candle will make you the best host.

Compliment them with provisions:

All guests like compliment food, so provide them to make their day the best, so provide them egg, milk, bread and all the necessary items.

Airbnb’s phenomenal growth and the hotel rivals seem to be quiet for now

Airbnb, the online hotel distribution network seems to be a massive hit. Despite being a startup company that was found in 2008, Airbnb has grown to a successful network. There is a phenomenal growth every year and the CEO seems to be flaunting it. It is also adding up a lot of features for its users to grab more attention from people and is looking to extend its service across the globe.

Airbnb is a dangerous threat to the traditional hotels, boutique hotels, and you name it! People now prefer Airbnb to other private hotels for better and convenient service. The company also allows people to make money off empty apartments. It has also been hit with controversies but people still choose Airbnb for its awesome and efficient service.

Airbnb has even entered the corporate world by implementing cool features for business travelers. Many private hotels target business travelers, but now that Airbnb is targeting the corporate world, the pressure is on the private hotels. But several hotel managers refuse the company being a potential threat. Hotels that offer rooms for cheaper prices could fall behind in the industry if Airbnb provides apartments in the same location.

The company does not offer hotels with many facilities as private hotels. Many traditional hotels offer loyalty points to its users whereas Airbnb does not credit its users. But honestly speaking, Airbnb is slowly taking over the territories from the possession of traditional hotels, sincere condolence to the poor hotel managers!

6 Things to Know Before Using Airbnb

Airbnb is an online tool that helps travelers find a less expensive and pleasant place for accommodation, instead of staying at hotels by paying more prices. Before using the service you should be aware of these following strategies:

Limit your search:

If you search for a particular place in Airbnb, millions of results will be displayed, so to get the best result limit your search by specifying the number of guests, the space you required for stay, a particular location and budget. You can also expand your search if none of the result matches your requirement.

Search for verified photos and hosts:

Verified photos are a plus point, as photos which are not verified will not be same as what you see on the property. Photos verified by Airbnb will be in professional shots. Airbnb hosts will be also verified by the service to check if they where the right person to host.

Interact with host:

You cannot trust anything without proper enquiry, so do it to get a trustworthy stay. Communicate with your host through messages to tell about yourself and the purpose of your visit.

Choose a property with more house rules:

Some properties will be with a lot of rules regarding cleanliness, but some will be entirely different. It is better to choose one with more rules in order to have a good experience throughout your stay, even if it’s expensive.

Check for less rates for extended stays:

Some will stay for a day while some for a week, so check the description page to view the listing to know about the list of rates for monthly or weekly stay.

Be respectful to host and the property:

If you have a plan to use Airbnb again, then establish a positive stature on the site which you can do by treating the host and property with full courtesy and respect.