Airbnb to Collect, pay Taxes for Hosts

Airbnb, an online tool to help travelers find a right place for accommodation starts collecting taxes for the benefit of host in Washington City from all its users.

Airbnb launched this scheme on October 15, where the company got permission from government to collect tax from guests and settle it to the hosts. This tax includes sales tax, state tax and lodging tax.

This feature really benefits the person who rent their residence out to earn some amount of money apart from their rent where they are not allowed to collect occupancy taxes for jurisdictions. The company listed homes and apartments of people who are ready to rent their home for the guests from various cities zoplay script.

Users are allowed to list everything from a single room in their apartment to a whole building. The company has millions of users since its launch in the year 2008.

This tax idea may cause headache to some guests, but the company did not announce any change in the tax procedure still. Some accommodation in Airbnb is subjected to lodging tax and some amount of tax.

Some places like San Francisco and Portland have introduced some new regulations to closely monitor the home rental industry.

Airbnb is very much happy to step forward to assure that appropriate taxes are being collected.

Finally Washington joins with San Francisco, Chicago and Oregon among a dozen of jurisdictions where the home sharing company collects and remits taxes to the hosts.

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