Airbnb’s phenomenal growth and the hotel rivals seem to be quiet for now

Airbnb, the online hotel distribution network seems to be a massive hit. Despite being a startup company that was found in 2008, Airbnb has grown to a successful network. There is a phenomenal growth every year and the CEO seems to be flaunting it. It is also adding up a lot of features for its users to grab more attention from people and is looking to extend its service across the globe.

Airbnb is a dangerous threat to the traditional hotels, boutique hotels, and you name it! People now prefer Airbnb to other private hotels for better and convenient service. The company also allows people to make money off empty apartments. It has also been hit with controversies but people still choose Airbnb for its awesome and efficient service.

Airbnb has even entered the corporate world by implementing cool features for business travelers. Many private hotels target business travelers, but now that Airbnb is targeting the corporate world, the pressure is on the private hotels. But several hotel managers refuse the company being a potential threat. Hotels that offer rooms for cheaper prices could fall behind in the industry if Airbnb provides apartments in the same location.

The company does not offer hotels with many facilities as private hotels. Many traditional hotels offer loyalty points to its users whereas Airbnb does not credit its users. But honestly speaking, Airbnb is slowly taking over the territories from the possession of traditional hotels, sincere condolence to the poor hotel managers!

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