How to Set Your Home for Rent on Airbnb

Airbnb, the rapidly growing site for rentals has more than 40,000 listings in Australia, which got doubled in the past year. If you like to spare your space, then here are some tips you need to follow:

Set the best price:

Airbnb serves as a good place to earn some extra income, so set a price which suits your property. Provide guests with the best deal as it is easier to manage few people coming in and exit out.

Figure out quest’s questions:

Describe everything in the listing such as amenities you provide, your style of decorating, happenings in the neighborhood, nearby spots for shopping, entertainment, dining and many more. Providing the guests with maps and brochures will help them to make their travel easier and safer.

Provide guidelines for guest:

Always first impression is the best, so impress the guests with a few guidelines which includes password of the wifi, how to switch on the television, how to use particulars and so on.

Clear you’re Particulars:

Every guest expects their room to be neat, so clear your old clothes from your closet remove unwanted hairs caught in your comb or bathroom and place your valuable stuffs in a locker to avoid unwanted incidents to happen.

Provide the necessities:

Provide your guests with items required like shampoo, tissue paper, soap, detergent and a towel. Complimenting them with fresh flower, playing cards and candle will make you the best host.

Compliment them with provisions:

All guests like compliment food, so provide them to make their day the best, so provide them egg, milk, bread and all the necessary items.

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